Saturday, December 8, 2007


Nick had a surprise for me when I came home from work this week. He moved the china cabinet we had in storage into our new kitchen-living area. This was an auction purchase from over a year ago that we kept in storage until we had a place to use it. There is a 100lb counter weight we need to add before we can use the cabinet and we need to agree on a color to paint it. We could go classic black or use a fun color like you would find at Pieces Inc. I forgot how cool this cabinet is and think we will enjoy it as is until we can choose a color. Great surprise.


Brilliant Asylum said...

Gorgeous cabinet. Nice find!

Alkemie said...

That is one gorgeous cabinet!

drey said...

i LOVE this cabinet! i just found your blog whilst hunting for "subway tiles" on Google and love it already!

one Q... what is this counter weight for?!? As in heavy stuff for the last shelf?

Man, this in a gloss black would look awesome