Sunday, May 17, 2009

Late Night TV... Good Find.

With Sweet Baby James' late night feeding schedule, I have been able to catch some interesting TV shows and share 20/20 recaps to anyone that will listen. The one show I did find while playing with the DVR late at night was Sarah's House featuring Sarah Richardson and Tommy from Design Inc. Since I have seen every Design Inc and Room Service that Fine Living will air, I am very excited about a new design show that is not based on decorating a room with $1000 budget and has a "theme."

I have been watching the shows out of order, but each one showcases a different room of the renovation from demo to completed decorated room. Of course there have been two seasons already in Canada, and Sarah's Cabin is also show coming soon. The good news I think they have episodes online so if for any reason I cannot catch them all on FLN, I can at least watch online. Now when are they going to start bring over more episodes of House and Home?

HGTV CA Website -
Image From HGTV CA

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Libray of Domino Magazines

From my very first issue of Domino Magazine, I have been purchasing back issues when ever I saw one at a book sale or used book store. Plus there was a time where both my mom and I had a subscriptions. Over time I have been able to collect duplicates and sometimes triplicates of most issues. I think I might have four copies of the very first issue. (I also have two complete sets of Blueprint). Tonight for fun while doing some other Ebay searches, I looked up to see the price back issues of Domino Magazine were bringing. There is a copy of the first issue that is currently $46 with 16 bids and still more time to go. Yikes, at those prices I am sitting on $200 that could help me buy some Kelly Wearslter fabric. I wonder what an entire year of back issues would bring? Could be interesting, but I think I would rather keep my magazines.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Inching to the finish line.

Ta-da! The island has been painted black and looks so wonderful. We decided to go with straight B. Moore Black for the paint. I was getting too over whelmed with the other options. This photo does not show it, but we have also hung the hardware for a pendent shade over the island. We have ordered a Restoration Hardware glass pendent, however we had the chrome hardware for a single pendent shade in the basement and in an effort to save on money are going to use that instead.

Light fixture we need to return - I like it, but free is better.

We are slowing finishing the kitchen. The to do list is getting shorter. I cannot wait till we have the room complete, but I am sure once we finish this list, I will have a new idea and the list will grow all over again.

1. Island - install hardware
2. Lighting - Need to find a fabric shade for over the island.
3. Baseboards/Crown - install and finish painting
4. Need new dining room table
5. Reupholster club chairs - (Fabric color?)
6. Paint the china cabinet - (color?)
7. Finish the desk area (paint shelves, glass top)
8. Pantry hardware install
9. New closet door.