Tuesday, August 19, 2008

House Stalking

Tonight was so beautiful so Nick and I decided to go for a walk and enjoy the weather. We walked through a neighboring town that is primarily Georgian architecture, and not all of it very well executed. Every once and awhile the town's architecture review board lets one pass that does not fit the red brick standard, like this house currently under construction. The location is not the greatest but peeping through the windows (I have no shame) the owners are not skimping on any details. Wide plank pine floors, tongue and groove paneling with hidden doors to a coat closet and bathroom. I plan to continue stalking and saving the photos for my dream home folder.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Slowing I am adding items back into the den. Currently I am working on the bookshelves. I have the Coco Chanel quote in my head about taking off the last item you put on as I bring items back into the room. Before the bookshelves were full with DVDs, books, puzzles and stuff. This time around I am trying to simplify and be more thoughtful about how I use the shelves.

This is my first go around with a set up. The white boxes contain some of the DVD collection, the collection of books are copies that are nice to have nearby and I placed only white spine magazines on the bottom shelf. I am thinking I could try orange DVD boxes for more color, but it could be too much color. (The yellow mirror is propped up only to get off the floor until I find its home.)

Please give me your suggestions: How does this set up look? Too plain? Should I have more objects on the shelves? Does it need more color?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

On a roll...

With daily to do list items being checked off while working on the den, Nick is on a roll with finishing projects around the house. Today was staining the shed. Only problem was he ran out of stain 1/2 way through the building, so will need to finish next weekend. The building looks great (just don't look at the back), and really blends in with the landscape.

It's In!

On Thursday night we moved in the sofa! I was a little shocked when it first went in the room because it's really tall. In the past few days I have been able to adjust and now it does not look so out of place. The down-filled seat is great and watching tv with all the pillows is so comfortable. For its first photoshoot I included a few Vera scarves that have potential for becoming pillow cases.

Besides moving the sofa in the room, I have been able to start placing other furniture and accessories back in. For like ever has been rehung with a different table underneath. The cubes below are old and I am looking for new fabric to make slipcovers. I have a few ideas.

Here is the fire place in all white. I like the art on the mantel compared to the circle mirror. The chairs need moved around, but I have not finalized on an official floorplan yet. I am so excited to start figuring out how to pull the whole room together.