Monday, January 10, 2011

30 before 30

This year I turn 30. I am one year younger than Nick (which I like to remind him) and have copied his idea of creating a list of items to complete before turning thirty. I made my list this past fall, and I am not doing very well. I must admit that turning 30 does not really seem to scare me at all. I still get carded (all the time), I love my hubby and baby, and I am still younger than Nick (see what I mean). So here is my list and what I have accomplished so far. You can see some are really simiple (read a book, go to the movies, go shopping on my own) but since having James even the simiple things have been more difficult to complete. I have until March to complete this list so need to get cracking:

1. Make Macaroons

2. Take a road trip

3. Read a book

4. Decorate our Bedroom

5. Get a mani/pedi.

6. Have girl’s night - DONE

7. Have a TV series/Favorite Movie marathon weekend.

8. Make brunch/Dinner for friends.

9. Take a day to visit museums. - DONE

10. Special Date night with Nick. - DONE

11. Have board game night. -

12. Take a workout class

13. Finish Our Wedding Album

14. Take a family photo

15. Personal shopping day

16. Go to the movies. Done

17. Have grown up party at the house

18. Have the neighbors over for drinks

19. Go to a concert/Comedy/speadker

20. Catch Up James' baby Album

21. Take a photography Class

22. Find my "drink" DONE

23. Complete the Basement Makeover

24. Recover my Berge Chair

25. Update my wardrobe

26. Take a Family bike ride DONE

27. Find the perfect fragrance

28. Make curtains for the living room

29. Have awesome holiday cards DONE

30. Organize My magazines - DONE

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year and old resolutions

2010 was a great year. No major life changing events, just enjoying spending time with family and friends. It was a year of James walking, talking and entertaining us nonstop. Finishing the guest bathroom from 2009's house project list and having a grown up guest bedroom. 2010 was also a year of voyeur blog reading. I discovered the wonder of Google Reader (I know, I am a slow adaptor). I started the year with full gusto for posting on No. 462 and commenting on others, but soon fell back into just scrolling daily through Reader. I often made list of items I wanted to post about, but never followed through. So for 2011, I am reusing my resolution last year to give No. 462 some love, prioritize my creative outlet and sharing with others I have been admiring from afar. We will see how long I will be able to keep this up, but I have my most faithful reader to remind me I am post due for a post (and to correct my grammar).