Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free Day!!

I am so excited for today. I have the whole entire day to myself to do what ever I want since Nick is at on conference . I get to do all the stuff I want to do and have it all planned out (you can tell I am excited since I got up at 7:30 on a Sunday).

(1) Starbucks Iced Grande Decaf two pump no whip mocha (CHECK)
(2) Scrapbooking store to look for a butterfly punch to make this:
(3) Fabric store to purchase fabric for new den curtains
(4) Thrift Store to look for Vera Scarves (if my sister has not already visited and purchased)
(5) Rerarange some furniture. I am very clever at moving the heavy items around without picking anything up.
(6) Research some sewing projects with all the fabric I have been stock piling.
(7) Laundry, cleaning and some work (it is still Sunday after all)

Even if I get to do two items on my list I will content.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kitchen Crisis

I knew our kitchen island project was going too smoothly and that something had to go wrong. Last week we called the stone supplier to confirm we could get the CeaserStone counter tops and of course it was no problem. They could have it installed within two weeks of ordering. Well when we called with the final measurement of the island, 16 square feet, the told us we had to purchase an entire slab at 25 square feet. Yikes that just about doubles our cost. So we have started calling around (including Great Indoors) and everyone requires a full slab miniumn. AHH!!!!
So with out finding a place in the house to use the extra portion of the slab, I have started researching plan B, white cabinets with black counters. Soapstone has been ruled out since it will cost more than the full slab of CaesarStone. I found some photos of honed Absolute Black Granite that could work. Not to be a counter top snob, but I am not sure if I could put Granite in hour house. Nick contacted the stone supplier and they have a honed sample and it is not so horrible, just a tad bit of sparkle.
We are now at a stand still. We cannot prime and paint until we know if it is black or white counters. We will continue to call around to see if any one as a scrap of CaesarStone in Misty Carrera. Or if any one wants to buy 1/2 slab I can cut you a great deal.

Trial Rug - Love it!

After my disappointing weekend when I was not the winning bidder on the antique rug I had already decorated our whole den around, I have been fascinated with finding another one. Today Nick and I visited a local rug store that had clearance room. That is where we found the rug above. It is an antique that was so worn, they had to piece it back together. It is really hard to tell from this photo but there are patches throughout the rug and the ends do not match since they cut and paste one end back on.
I LOVE THE RUG. They let us take in home (no charge) and try it out in the space to see what we thought. Of course I thought it would be perfect in our dinning area, but am glad they let us take it home because it is too small or our table is too large. Either way it will not work and it must go back. The search continues now for a rug and I hope someone is able to give this rug a home. It is so wonderful!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Kitchen Island - looking good

Here are a few photos I took tonight of our island in progress. Nick called the counter top company and confirmed we can have a least a 16" overhang for the bar area. I think we will stick to a 12-13 overhang so the island does not get too big. Next we need to get the counters ordered and the electrician to install the microwave oven and over head lighting. However lighting is still the final big design choice we need to make.

Big thank you to my dad who helped us measure cut and well make the entire island. We would still be figuring out how to finish the sides without you. 

You can also see the great bar stools we got from the Pottery Barn Outlet, and at $28 each they were a steal! (We have been using some packing styrofoam as a mock up counter).

Sunday, January 18, 2009

At least give it a good home

Well at Saturday's auction I did not win my rug. I hope the woman that did leave with the rug will give it a good home. I guess it was not meant to be ours (it was a little bit too big for the room). I will be keeping my eyes open for another possibility.

This weekend my dad was able to help Nick and I on a few projects. We enclosed and added picture frame molding on the new island and installed crown molding in the soon to be baby room (yep that is correct). No pictures today since I am using Nick's computer, but I will post some tomorrow. The island looks amazing!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pigs will fly...

Growing up I promised never to have an oriental rug in my home. This all came from my parents love and tendency to have at least one rug in every room and in once case four. (Mom/Dad if you are reading this there were four in the living room of the Prince George House and Anne will back me up.)
As I mature, I have started to appreciate and even love the look of a well worn oriental rug in a room mixed with both traditional and modern furniture. This weekend I am hoping to make my first rug purchase at a local auction. It is a 9x12 antique rug that from the photos looks like it has already lived a long life in all the right spots. I need to go to the preview to make sure it is exactly what I want. If all goes well, I will go against a childhood promise and welcome the rug home. I hope this is start of a collection, but I draw the line at one or maybe two in one room.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kitchen Island - Another open project

Besides the guest bathroom remodel we have in progress, we are also finishing the kitchen by installing an island. We ordered pre-fab KraftMaid cabinets and my father is helping us finish the sides and back this weekend. I have gone back and forth on if the island should be white with soapstone counter or black with the same CaesarStone counter as the rest of the kitchen. I have decided on black with the same CaesarStone thanks to the photos I found below (sorry I don't remember where I found these). I am also using Absolutely Beautiful Things' island as reference for how to finish the sides.

I also have two great bar stools from West Elm that we are going to use. They are currently white, but thanks to Decorno's recent post asking about recommendations on sites to order fabric I have some great new resources to track down slipcover fabrics.

After this weekend I should have some more photos of the progress to share. Plus I also have some additional kitchen projects to share when I take the time to download photos from my camera.

Monday, January 12, 2009

1035 Madison - J.Crew Collection Store

While checking the J.Crew website I noticed the section for The J.Crew Collection. I loved the font calling out the address of the new Madison Ave store, so I did a quick Google search to find images of the store. Below are a few samples I found below. The store is wonderful inspiration for how I would love to live. Mix of faded oriental rugs, modern light fixtures, abstract art and beautiful sorbet colored clothing - this is how I want our home to feel. At some point I need to plan a trip to visit this store, and the new men's store in Tribeca (for Nick of course). For now I will add these photos to my inspiration file and search for wonderfully worn and faded oriental rugs of my own.

Images from (1) Pipeline (2) GlamSpree (3) J.Crew

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Golden Globes and Domino

Yesterday my February Domino arrived in the mail. With the the gradual folding of shelter magazines (Blueprint, House & Garden, Cottage Living - please no more), the arrival of my next Domino gets more and more exciting. I was initially disappointed by the thin size, however was wonderfully surprised at all the articles, images and inspiration. I plan on reading it cover to cover tonight while watching the Golden Globes (I am only watching for the dresses and jewels).

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Planning the Bathroom

Of course we have reached a lull in the bathroom remodel. Since we installed the new floors, we have not made any more progress. While we wait to patch the walls, get plumbing fixed and the shower tiled, I guess I should plan and order the final fixtures and finishing touches.

(1) LIGHTING Currently we have a soffit over the sink area that we are going to remove and then move the lighting into the wall so we can have wall sconces and install a fixture in the center of the room. So far here is what I have found that I like:
Circa Lighting - The Thomas O'Brien Hilton Sconce.

Circa Lighting - Thomas O'Brien Vendome Sconce (better price)

Restoration Hardware - Sutton Double Sconce (on sale, but could be too modern)

(2) SHOWER TILE. We have been looking for different options for tile, but think we will use standard white subway tile. This is our guest bathroom, so we don't want to blow the budget on this room. If that was the case we would love to use carrara marble to match the counter, but that we will save for the master bath renovation.

(3) COLOR. It has taken me a few rooms to realize I am not good at picking wall color. So far every room we painted I regretted the color within 24 hours and plan for when I can go back and paint the walls white. For the bathroom I think I am going to go white for the walls and trim and then add a wood frame mirror that I will paint a pale turquoise. I found this image on House of Turquoise. that is inspiring me for the color.

Still need to pick out an ceiling fixture, towel bars and a shower curtain, but now we at least have a plan to move us forward on the renovation project.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Guest Bathroom

Just before the holidays we started another project, the guest bathroom. The project started because during a trip to the Pottery Barn Outlet we got a really good deal on a vanity, carrara marble top with a porcelain sink. Then the next week we found the Kohler Purist faucet for $160. With those two great deals, remodeling the guest bathroom moved up on the project list.

Here is what the bathroom looked like before we started the project.

Here is our really good deal of a vanity.

The week of Christmas, Nick and his best friend installed the new tile floors. We went with gray to highlight the veins in the marble. We also placed the vanity in the room to see how it would feel.

There are still a lot more work that needs to be done. I cannot wait because Nick and I sharing the equally ugly/small master bath is not going to last much longer.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


I have been MIA from the blog for a few months. Between work, the house and holidays it has been a busy fall and winter. The New Year is a great time to get back sharing progress and asking for more help! I have a curtain phobia in the den, guest bedroom that is now a dumping ground and many more projects to tackle. Happy New Year!!! and here are some photos of what we have been working on.

Table for my mom's Birthday party in our backyard.

Nick removed the old deck and installed new blue stone pavers in the back yard.

We painted stripes on the back wall to the bedrooms. A little "fun house" like with the crazy mirrors, but we still like it.