Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kitchen Crisis

I knew our kitchen island project was going too smoothly and that something had to go wrong. Last week we called the stone supplier to confirm we could get the CeaserStone counter tops and of course it was no problem. They could have it installed within two weeks of ordering. Well when we called with the final measurement of the island, 16 square feet, the told us we had to purchase an entire slab at 25 square feet. Yikes that just about doubles our cost. So we have started calling around (including Great Indoors) and everyone requires a full slab miniumn. AHH!!!!
So with out finding a place in the house to use the extra portion of the slab, I have started researching plan B, white cabinets with black counters. Soapstone has been ruled out since it will cost more than the full slab of CaesarStone. I found some photos of honed Absolute Black Granite that could work. Not to be a counter top snob, but I am not sure if I could put Granite in hour house. Nick contacted the stone supplier and they have a honed sample and it is not so horrible, just a tad bit of sparkle.
We are now at a stand still. We cannot prime and paint until we know if it is black or white counters. We will continue to call around to see if any one as a scrap of CaesarStone in Misty Carrera. Or if any one wants to buy 1/2 slab I can cut you a great deal.

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