Thursday, May 29, 2008

I could make that

I have a friend that jokes her tombstone will say "I could make that." And she can always make it. I thought the same thing about about a raw wood mirror I saw at one of my favorite local stores for a lot of money. I found a similar mirror on Mecox Garden's Website. I like the idea of the natural wood mirror mixed with all the more modern elements I like. I found the following frame at Hobby Lobby and will do a great version of the mirror. It will not be hand carved, but for $50 for the frame it will be a great look for less. After I find a home for my new bamboo mirror I am going to give this project a try.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What was gold...

At Springfield Extravaganza my first purchase of the day was this mirror for $35 (talked them down from $48). I have no place for the mirror yet, but I could not pass up a bargain. Well I found the same mirror on Paris Hotel Boutique that sold for over $300. It has the same black drizzle pant over the gold. I sanded mine down so it is smooth and ready a coat of bright paint. I guess I should have kept the gold, but the black drizzle made it feel tacky '80s and not funky Palm Beach. Oh well, still a good purchase and I am excited to see it that I have something neat enough to be sold on Paris Hotel Boutique.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I love spring

This afternoon I cut some peonies from our garden to put on my home office desk. I thought I would share a photo of both the beautiful flowers and my desk of favorite things.
(1) My large computer screen for my Mac mini
(2) Yellow Lucite lamp from a thrift store
(3) Favorite Kate Spade ad framed
(4) Sash from my Halloween costume this year (and such as)
(5) Large bulletin board with dream house images, family photos and strange inspiring items.

Not White, Blue!

My neighbor across the street jokes that I am always painting something white in the driveway. Which is not always true. I like to use white primer instead of grey so it just looks like everything I paint is white. I made sure once I was done painting two of the bar stools yesterday I left them out to dry for a long time for him to see I do use color.

I think the bright robin's egg blue looks great! When I did the first spray it was a little bright, but I continued until they were painted before I decided. I LOVE them. They look great in the kitchen and really add some color. The only problem is the arms will be too high to fit under an island so I cannot use them up stairs. However we have a bar in the basement with a much higher counter that we can use them. I don't think Nick will mind that the pool table room as robin's egg blue bar stools. Very manly.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Weekend Project - Bar Stools

Nick and I have been planning our kitchen island for a while and wanted to make sure the design included space for at least two bar stools. I thought the island would come before the stools, however over the past weekend my mom purchased a set of four bar stools that are faux bamboo. At first glance they are not the most attractive (peach with pineapple fabric), but with new paint and seat fabric they will be awesome. I am going to paint them a robin's egg blue/turquoise in high gloss and upholster the seats in white vinyl. I think the color will look great with the grey floors and pull out the blues in the Caesar Stone counters once the island is installed. I am so excited for Memorial weekend projects, look for more to come.

Potential Blue Color (I cheat and use spray paint)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


This past Friday I went with my parents and Nick to the Springfield Extravaganza, which is a huge antique and collectables fair. I was able to get some Vera scarves and great green goblets. It is so much fun going through all the dealers looking for a great deal. I did pass up two bamboo chandeliers that were each $100, but since I already have two I still have not hung I figured I should hold back. The next Extravaganza is in September and I am already calling the day off from work.

Tempted, but I passed it up.

Gardens is open

Nick's boutique garden nursery is open for business! The place looks amazing, all Nick's hard work has really paid off. The greenhouse makes it look so official. Here are photos of the green house, shoppers and some great merchandizing work.

I am back... Sorry.

I have no good reason for being away for so long. The good thing is I have fun items to post, but he downside is I have so much catching up to do on all my favorite blogs. It is going to take me all Memorial Day weekend to catch up.