Sunday, May 25, 2008

I love spring

This afternoon I cut some peonies from our garden to put on my home office desk. I thought I would share a photo of both the beautiful flowers and my desk of favorite things.
(1) My large computer screen for my Mac mini
(2) Yellow Lucite lamp from a thrift store
(3) Favorite Kate Spade ad framed
(4) Sash from my Halloween costume this year (and such as)
(5) Large bulletin board with dream house images, family photos and strange inspiring items.

1 comment:

The Allen Clan said...

i love your blog and look for updates everyday! it is soo cute and you are very talented! love the new chairs.. so funny you say that about painting everything white. my 5 yr old said yesterday, "mom why do you always come outside and paint everything white?" ha ha question..what was vendor for your 462 numbers? i can't find my magazine of blueprint..thanks (couldn't find your email on your blog..sorry for long post.)