Friday, June 18, 2010

Guest Bedroom Revamp

Since I don't have enough projects started and not completed, I adding our guest bedroom to the list. We have company visiting next weekend and need to get the catch all room back into shape. The only work we really need to do is paint the walls, reorganize the furniture, hang curtains and get some art on the walls. I can do it all in a weekend right?

The colors for the room will be black, white and green. We are keeping the room simple and recycling things we already had (reason for the green) to keep low budget.

The only item I have purchased for the room is this Vera Neumann pillow from Anthropolgie on Sale. Since it was Vera, I would have bought no matter what at that sale price. It is nice and long so will look good on the bed with my black and white striped Kate Spade bedding.
The only item I am considering purchasing for the room is this wall decal from Fern Living-

Never really thought I would find a wall decal I wanted to use before, but this is really cool. Not sure where we have space in the room, so will need to see once I get the furniture rearranged.
I will post photos of the finished room since they will be here next Saturday and will need some place to sleep.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Ann Carrington Flag Progress

I have made a lot of progress on my Ann Carrington knock off British flag. Getting the measurements correct took some time, but sewing the red and blue sections went quickly. I used scrap red velvet from Jo Ann's bargain bin and I purchased three pairs of denim jeans from the thrift store for the blue. I ended up using the lightest wash and will return the other too via my goodwill donations. I am very proud of how it is looking so far. Now the long part comes of seeing on all the buttons. I will post again to show the progress on the buttons, but expect it to take a long time before finished.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bar stools, what to do?

In our kitchen we have two West Elm bar stools that are currently white canvas. I have every intention to make slipcovers from them, but the need has become even greater with the introduction of James to the mix and his dirty fingers. While at Jo Ann's the other week I took a turn through their special order home d├ęcor fabrics and to my surprise I found lots of fabrics that I really liked.
I fell hard for a Waverly black, white and gold stripe. (Picture above is from the website, but it is much better in person) I love it so much thinking we will use on the dining room chairs too! Plus bonus, starting Sunday all Waverly home decor fabric is 60% off at Jo Ann's.

Well that was the plan until I saw this from Absolutely Beautiful Things. Bottom left corner just peeking out, do you see them?

Genius and of course, why did I not think of that before? I love that they don't match, and since the prints are both black and white the different patterns is not too over the top. So now I am torn between the stripes and finding mix matched black and white prints. I am still going to order the Surry Stripe for the dining room chairs, but might do some more searching in the Waverly black and white options to see what else I can get for the bar stools. See, I very easily get distracted with options.

Oh, more later on the other great Jo Ann fabrics I found. Good Job Jo Ann’s, next step is to stock some of these in stores so I don’t have to special order them all.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sixx Design and Ann Carrington

Last night we watched the season finale of 9 by Design. I must admit I really did enjoy the show. I am not a fan of the staged scenes but it is refreshing to watch a reality tv show without drama.

I am also thankful for the show for giving me the name of Ann Carrington, the artist of the Button Crown that I saw awhile back in Gwyneth Paltrow’s Hampton home. It was so beautiful, simple and graphic. While researching Ann, I found on her website you can order signed prints of both the Queen Stamp and the crown. .

Also, while watching last night I totally had a I could do that moment with the Ann Carrington Flags used in the Bungalow Hotel – which I am sure hundreds of others did too after watching her make the USA flag with Bellamy and Tallulah. So I have started my research and lied out my plan for creating my own version.

Since Nick and I both have a found place in our hearts for the England, I am going to make a Union Jack. I found a great website that provides the exact measurements for the flag.

I have ordered about 2,000 vintage white buttons to do the white portion from eBay. I have no clue if that will be enough, but figured if I am copying off Ann Carrington I have to use buttons. For the blue portion I am going to use old denim jeans (another idea from Ann) that have past their prime. I am excited to play around with the different washes to see how it changes the look and feel. The only part I am still not sure about is the red portion. I was thinking of getting different red fabrics and patch working together, but we will see.

Before I am allowed to start this project I have curtain for the guest bedroom and a crib bed skirt I need to finish first. However this project has me so excited I am hoping to start sometime this weekend.