Sunday, April 20, 2008

Going Retail.

In a few weeks Nick and his family are opening a retail garden nursery. They have been working all winter building greenhouses and preparing for the opening that is almost here. I get to help by looking for unique items to add to their assortment of plants, French pottery and other garden necessities. There is a lot that still needs to get accomplished, but I am so proud and excited for Nick. More to come.

Ta Da!

Here are my finished curtains! I cannot believe that I was (1) able to make curtains that look this good and (2) I finished a project in one week. I wish the camera would take a better photo, but I will try again tonight. Not to brag, but they hit the ground just at the floor and the pattern matches on both panels perfectly. Amazing how much they add to the room!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I heart Carleton Varney.

Over the weekend I found a copy of Carleton Varney’s Decorating with Color from 1972. The illustrations inside the book used to solve reader’s problems are beautiful and still very relevant today. Some of his suggestions for color combinations are extreme, “For your aqua and white bedroom, I’d suggest cheerful watermelon, emerald green and sky blue floral draperies on a white background.” So direct, but does such fabric exist? It is such a great book, only Carleton Varney can make gold shag carpeting sound chic.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Attempting Curtains

I purchased 7 yards of fabric at Ikea to attempt to make curtains for the kitchen/dinning room. I was planning on doing a fun bright color (turquoise or yellow), but I found this black and white print and chickened out. I have one panel 90% complete. I am waiting to finish the top once I purchase the hanging rod and confirm the length. I was really scared at attempting curtains, however so far it has been really easy (knock on wood). All straight lines and I can use the straight stitch on my machine, which is the only stitch I know how to use. Hopefully by this weekend I will have them completed. I hope I like them when they are done. The test I did of Nick holding the fabric next to the French doors was inconclusive.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My First Trip to Ikea

Yesterday I made my very first trip to Ikea. Somehow I have made it through college and my first post college apartments without having any furniture from Ikea. I am kind of glad I waited so long or else I think I would be an addict. I had the full experience of eating at the café, pushing my way through the hoards of Saturday shoppers and a few scares of being parted from my mom never to find her again. I was able to leave with the $2.99 five pack of cardboard magazine file boxes I have been coveting for years but too cheap to pay shipping and great fabric to make curtains (more on that later). Not sure when I will go back, but I am glad that Ikea has finally made it to our area.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Swatch Samples.

I am still trying to decide on a sofa. I want the Lillian August Sofa, however I don’t like any of the Drexel fabric options. While I delay the inevitable purchase of the London Sofa, I have entertained myself with ordering swatches from different retailers. Of course Anthropologie does a beautiful job. An easy request online delivered a cute box of all their fabric options, cards on their upholstered furniture, a tape measure, pencil and a personal note. Z Gallery did not have wonderful presentation, but I was happy with the size of the swatches. Still not any closer to ordering, but I am having fun with all the pre-shopping.

Anthropologie's Fabric Swatch package.

Selection of three fabrics from Z Gallery I am thinking for the Derek Sofa.