Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Decorating

Over the weekend we decorated the house for the holidays. We have lights up outside on the trees, placed a few decorations inside and decorated the tree. I got a really good bargin on yellow ribbon this summer, so I have been using it everywhere. I also made a paper chain garland, but have not found a place to hang it. I might use use it in James's room. Next we need to get a wreath on the front door and make a dinning room table centerpiece. Hopefully those will get done soon so we have time to enjoy them before the holidays.

James wanted to make it into one photo. And also just now noticed that the wreath on the right is crooked. I just fixed it.

Friday, December 4, 2009

How have we never met?

Today I stumbled upon Serena & Lilly for the very first time. How have I never been to this website before? They have everything I love - bedding, fabric, baby stuff and unique finds. I am in love. If you have been living under the same rock I have, go online and order a catalog. I am so excited for it to arrive so I can study each photo, item description etc.
Here are some of my favorite things I found online -

The Rye crib bedding is so cute. Too bad bumpers are considered not safe anymore. I think James would love the blue indian print.

I have a weekness for stripes. I love the pink-ish color of the duvet cover, but not so much of the green. They also have this fabric by the yard that I am trying to think of a use for. Headboard slipcover and bed skirt? Hum...

I still have not made pillows out of my Vera scarves. It it is like painting beautiful wood, just cannot alter my scarves. However, if someone else has already done it for me then it is OK. This was made from one of Serena's scarves.

Finally something I know Nick would also love. The black portion is chalkboard paper. I would totally frame this for James's room for when he gets bigger. Or would be really cool in our living room too.