Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Design Show

A new part decorating part reality T.V. show, Designer to the Stars: Kari Whitman premiers this Saturday on WE. A synopsis of the first episode on WE does not give much promise other than it includes Jessica Alba. Another bad sign of the show is Kari’s own website, where all the interiors look like they are model homes and are very Tuscan (shutter). She had a previous show called Dude Rooms. I will admit that I saw one episode, but there was so much drama between her and the female contractor it made the show uncomfortable to watch. I will give it one try for Jessica’s sake, but my expectations are low.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Design through fashion

Domino magazine does this wonderful feature every few months around can this painting, instillation or outfit be turned into a room? As we try to pull together our bedroom that feature made me think, do I have any images that describe how I decorate or want to decorate? I am still searching for the perfect image with the hit of yellow that will help me tie the whole bedroom together, but in the mean time I found a few images that I think describe my over all design style. These are mostly fashion/outfit images since I identify easily with them.

This is my day-to-day traditional taste, great classic timeless elements.

This is where I would like to take my design - classic, but with bold color and unique pattern.

Here is how my home is currently decorated, a whole bunch of mess and I love it!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

If only...

I love the new upholstered furniture from Anthropologie. I have an affinity for graphic patterns and colors and all the new furniture caters right to it. The classic furniture lines mixed with the bold patterns allow me to satisfy my traditional roots and desire for some whit and boldness. I will never be able to afford the Josef Wingback Chair at $2,498, but I can find an old wingback chair at auction and have a slipcover made in a similar graphic vintage fabric. I also love they are using Josef Frank fabric, which matches back to my new ottoman I posted a few weeks back.

Magazine Sunday - Canadian House & Home

I started watching Canadian House & Home on HGTV towards the end of last year and loved they showed rooms that are actually decorated. I am not a big fan of budget home decorating shows that decorate with $1000 and it looks like they used $100 (Tinker Toys on the wall is not art). House & Home went to homes that were modern, traditional and everywhere in between to address issues like “is pretty gone?” But like all the great shows (remember Design Inc), it is no longer on HGTV. I can still get the great interiors from their magazine. It is always a hunt to find each month, and since it is cheaper to buy in-store than get a international subscription I have to visit three books stores to find a copy. If you don’t already read this magazine it is a must to pick up. There is nothing budget about the interiors, but you will always find great inspiration rooted in traditional design with the occasional hint of edge.

Magazine Sunday - Martha Stewart

During a quick Jo Ann’s run I found the special Outdoor Living issue of Martha Stewart at the register. The outside is Nick’s domain; however even Nick likes some of Martha’s ideas. All the images are from previous magazine articles, but it is nice to have them edited to show you the possibilities all over again. Nick and I both like this image of a grouping of planters surrounding the front door. We have an asymmetrical front porch and we need to find some to add interest to the blank wall next to the door. I like the idea of the height variance and the shades of green, black and purple. I think it would complement our green door nicely.

Magazine Sunday - Domino

The March issue of Domino arrived in yesterday’s mail. I finally had a chance to read through it and am amazed that they have been able to dedicate an entire issue to green living. I recycle and buy a lot of furnishings used, but by no means do I live a green life other than decorating with the color. I still found some great ideas. I have been hunting for geometric needlepoint pillows like those in the living room below. I have not found any yet, but maybe I could learn how to make my own.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why IzzyLu?

Meet Izzy.
Meet Lulu.

Subway tile wins

The long debate on what to do for the kitchen backsplash has finally ended. Before we started the kitchen renovation I wanted subway tile. Then we decided to take down the walls between the kitchen, dinning room and sun porch. We started to think that there would be way too much white and no color or interest. So Nick and I abandoned our subway tile samples and looked for glass mosaics in sea glass hues. The cost tripled and I was still not sure what I wanted. Then I found this photo of a kitchen in a Martha Stewart KB Home. I love the clean lines and how the stainless steel appliances, hardware and lighting draw your attention. Hands down, white beveled subway tile wins.
(Image from KB Homes)

Snow Day

There is nothing better than a grown up snow day! What to do? I think I am going to bake brownies for Valentine’s Day, prime the wood trim in the master bedroom, clean my office and blog. If Nick gets home soon we could go sledding.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Lobster, Kate Spade Style

I have been collecting Kate Spade advertisements since the launch of her home collection in the early 2000s. I have a few of her original shoe ads from the late 90s, but the tableware photographs are my absolute favorite. The vignettes each tell witty narratives that leave me wanting more. I find so much inspiration from the images that I even have a few framed and hanging in the house. I hope this new home collection advertisement is apart of a series. Kate, can you bring back your bedding collection next?