Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Subway tile wins

The long debate on what to do for the kitchen backsplash has finally ended. Before we started the kitchen renovation I wanted subway tile. Then we decided to take down the walls between the kitchen, dinning room and sun porch. We started to think that there would be way too much white and no color or interest. So Nick and I abandoned our subway tile samples and looked for glass mosaics in sea glass hues. The cost tripled and I was still not sure what I wanted. Then I found this photo of a kitchen in a Martha Stewart KB Home. I love the clean lines and how the stainless steel appliances, hardware and lighting draw your attention. Hands down, white beveled subway tile wins.
(Image from KB Homes)

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mohairpink said...

I've thought long and haed about the same thing. White subway tile looks so darned gorgeous. You can easily bring any sort of color into a white kitchen
(in my case a pink fridge and dishwasher) so I say go for the white.