Sunday, February 18, 2007

Magazine Sunday - Canadian House & Home

I started watching Canadian House & Home on HGTV towards the end of last year and loved they showed rooms that are actually decorated. I am not a big fan of budget home decorating shows that decorate with $1000 and it looks like they used $100 (Tinker Toys on the wall is not art). House & Home went to homes that were modern, traditional and everywhere in between to address issues like “is pretty gone?” But like all the great shows (remember Design Inc), it is no longer on HGTV. I can still get the great interiors from their magazine. It is always a hunt to find each month, and since it is cheaper to buy in-store than get a international subscription I have to visit three books stores to find a copy. If you don’t already read this magazine it is a must to pick up. There is nothing budget about the interiors, but you will always find great inspiration rooted in traditional design with the occasional hint of edge.

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