Sunday, February 18, 2007

Magazine Sunday - Martha Stewart

During a quick Jo Ann’s run I found the special Outdoor Living issue of Martha Stewart at the register. The outside is Nick’s domain; however even Nick likes some of Martha’s ideas. All the images are from previous magazine articles, but it is nice to have them edited to show you the possibilities all over again. Nick and I both like this image of a grouping of planters surrounding the front door. We have an asymmetrical front porch and we need to find some to add interest to the blank wall next to the door. I like the idea of the height variance and the shades of green, black and purple. I think it would complement our green door nicely.

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Jennifer said...

Too funny -- I almost brought this into work for you to see. And I marked the SAME photo with the large black urn. A couple of things for Nick to put into our front landscape estimate.