Sunday, February 18, 2007

Magazine Sunday - Domino

The March issue of Domino arrived in yesterday’s mail. I finally had a chance to read through it and am amazed that they have been able to dedicate an entire issue to green living. I recycle and buy a lot of furnishings used, but by no means do I live a green life other than decorating with the color. I still found some great ideas. I have been hunting for geometric needlepoint pillows like those in the living room below. I have not found any yet, but maybe I could learn how to make my own.


Jennifer said...

I got mine too!! Do you think it was all of our complaining about not getting subscriptions before they're in stores??

IzzyLu said...

I still need to call about Blueprint. I heard the new cover is in the current Martha, but I think it is the same yellow image that was circling around for the past few months.