Thursday, May 6, 2010

Have I been under a rock?

So lately while reading my standard design magazines I have found myself studying the advertisements for Hinkley lighting. I admire the details in the homes or the landscape they showcase as well as the light fixtures. There is always something in the ads that I flag to add to my "in our dream house" files. So tonight I drifted off to the Hickley website between updating budget trackers and status sheets for work.

OK have I been under a rock? - did anyone else know they uses Lee Kleinhelter's home for some of those amazing photos? I am sure if my brain was not so tired from all the spreadsheets it would even recognize more of the rooms from other long admired homes.

Even if I am months behind realizing this from everyone else, it has perked me up with more great inspiring interiors. Here are my favorites.

Of course her kitchen. Love all the white. Next house I am using oiled hardware on white cabinets.

Her guest bedroom, with the best green bedside table. Have the same room flagged from my old Cottage Living collection.

Not sure if this is also in her house or not, but LOVE the tile on the wall. And the smokey gray cabinets makes me want to paint our guest bath cabinet grey.

And finally, this is the first Hinkley ad I added to my collection of great images. I like the floor color, the grey walls, black steel windows, the sleek almost outdoor furniture and the yellow cushions. Plus I kinda like the idea of the models pouring over design books/magazines. Totally dorky, but I would lie if I did not try to see what tiles they had.