Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Check - Paint

Tonight we got the final coat of paint on the walls. Finally, We are in the home stretch to get the furniture back in the room and I can take the plastic off the new sofa. Here is what has been complete and what still needs to get accomplished tomorrow night before I move in the sofa. After all this is done I get to start thinking about curtains, rugs and all the details.

1. Install new crown and baseboards - DONE
2. Frame in the beams - DONE
3. Caulk and spackle beams, crown and baseboards - DONE
4. Prime beams and walls - DONE
5. Paint the ceiling - DONE
6. Paint the walls - DONE
7. Clean the floors
8. Update all light switches and outlets
9. Hook up the TV and cable

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Etsy Find

I have been searching Etsy for new posters and vera scarves and this weekend I came across this awesome bedspread. Such a wonderful idea to use the scarves to create a patchwork quilt. I have trouble turning a few of my scarves into pillows, I don't think I will ever be able to alter enough to make a quilt. I will keep this in my idea folder.

Paint on the walls

Finally, we have paint on the walls. After about 4 hours we got the first coat of paint on the walls. Yes it really did take 4 hours. However it looks great! A little stark, but the furniture and art will provide some color. Hopefully Monday night we can get out of work early and put on the final coat. Yeah!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vera Pillows

I have been stalking Ebay for good vera scarves to use on the pillows for the new sofa. I only want geometric prints in pink, orange, yellow and green. This limits my selection, but I already have two from my collection to use. Below far here are a few that I am watching. Nick thinks with the white walls and sofa that the room will be colorless. Not with pillows like these!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Slow Progress

Sunday is almost over and still there is no paint on the walls. The ceiling has been painted and taped. We also have new baseboards installed. Caulking, spackling and sanding the baseboards will delay us another weekend before we have time paint. I do have the poster back from the framers and it looks great. One more week. I think that is all I can take before I don't care and just throw the paint on the walls.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Busy without a lot to show for it.

Last week was very busy, without a lot of progress to show for that work. We have all the beams in the den framed and installed crown molding. It took two days to caulk and sand to get ready for priming. Finally this weekend we can put the first coat of paint on the wall and ceiling. The ceiling is Harbor Fog from Benjamin Moore and the walls/trim are Decorator’s white. Fingers crossed it turns out to match the
idea in my head.

The couch has arrived and is everything I thought it would be. Currently it is chilling in the garage wrapped in a double layer of plastic. The goal is to have it in the house by Sunday, but I am not sure if that will really happen.

I am also picking up a new poster from the framer for the den tomorrow night. I purchased the 2007 Hampton Classic poster featuring a photograph by Steven Kline. I cut the copy off the poster to leave just the image. Nick thinks it is odd, but somehow trusts me.

Final project is painting my bamboo mirror yellow, or Bumble Bee Yellow to be exact. I think I am going to hang it in the den between the two windows, but I am not rushing decorating decisions until I have the walls painted and the couch in the room to see what works.
Hopefully I will be able to upload more often. Lately every time I upload photos, I crash my computer. I think I have it fixed now.