Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vera Pillows

I have been stalking Ebay for good vera scarves to use on the pillows for the new sofa. I only want geometric prints in pink, orange, yellow and green. This limits my selection, but I already have two from my collection to use. Below far here are a few that I am watching. Nick thinks with the white walls and sofa that the room will be colorless. Not with pillows like these!


Artistic Chicas said...

This sounds like a fun might want to check out can type in Vera scarf...they have a couple listed.
Good luck!

l.alden said...

I love the scarves! They will look excellent as pillows on the new sofa. Take photos asap!

l.alden said...

I love the scarves and am eager to see how they turn out as pillows! Take tons of pictures. I'm sure they'll look great on the new sofa!

IzzyLu said...

If I could only finish painting and get furniture back in the room. This is has been the longest project. I did a sample pillow and learned from my mistakes. Right now I am practicing installing a zipper.

I kept looking for scarves using the handmade tag, and did not realize until earlier this week I needed to change it to vintage. There are lots on Etsy… thank you so much for the heads up.