Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My First Trip to Ikea

Yesterday I made my very first trip to Ikea. Somehow I have made it through college and my first post college apartments without having any furniture from Ikea. I am kind of glad I waited so long or else I think I would be an addict. I had the full experience of eating at the café, pushing my way through the hoards of Saturday shoppers and a few scares of being parted from my mom never to find her again. I was able to leave with the $2.99 five pack of cardboard magazine file boxes I have been coveting for years but too cheap to pay shipping and great fabric to make curtains (more on that later). Not sure when I will go back, but I am glad that Ikea has finally made it to our area.


Kasey said...

Tag! Your it!
p.s. Love your blog!

Pigtown-Design said...

Ikea is such fun! And the best thing to do with the magazine holders? Cover them with paper or fabric for a tailored look.

Allison said...

Love those magazine files - I buy tons of them whenever we are at an IKEA. They are so great.