Monday, April 14, 2008

Attempting Curtains

I purchased 7 yards of fabric at Ikea to attempt to make curtains for the kitchen/dinning room. I was planning on doing a fun bright color (turquoise or yellow), but I found this black and white print and chickened out. I have one panel 90% complete. I am waiting to finish the top once I purchase the hanging rod and confirm the length. I was really scared at attempting curtains, however so far it has been really easy (knock on wood). All straight lines and I can use the straight stitch on my machine, which is the only stitch I know how to use. Hopefully by this weekend I will have them completed. I hope I like them when they are done. The test I did of Nick holding the fabric next to the French doors was inconclusive.


Wanderluster said...

I used the same fabric in my office. Very graphic and bold. I think it will look great in your space!

jimmy jackson said...

It's great. Planning the curtains for kitchen is very good. don't be scared while using the curtains. These curtains brings a good look for the place where we are using.