Friday, June 18, 2010

Guest Bedroom Revamp

Since I don't have enough projects started and not completed, I adding our guest bedroom to the list. We have company visiting next weekend and need to get the catch all room back into shape. The only work we really need to do is paint the walls, reorganize the furniture, hang curtains and get some art on the walls. I can do it all in a weekend right?

The colors for the room will be black, white and green. We are keeping the room simple and recycling things we already had (reason for the green) to keep low budget.

The only item I have purchased for the room is this Vera Neumann pillow from Anthropolgie on Sale. Since it was Vera, I would have bought no matter what at that sale price. It is nice and long so will look good on the bed with my black and white striped Kate Spade bedding.
The only item I am considering purchasing for the room is this wall decal from Fern Living-

Never really thought I would find a wall decal I wanted to use before, but this is really cool. Not sure where we have space in the room, so will need to see once I get the furniture rearranged.
I will post photos of the finished room since they will be here next Saturday and will need some place to sleep.

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