Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bar stools, what to do?

In our kitchen we have two West Elm bar stools that are currently white canvas. I have every intention to make slipcovers from them, but the need has become even greater with the introduction of James to the mix and his dirty fingers. While at Jo Ann's the other week I took a turn through their special order home d├ęcor fabrics and to my surprise I found lots of fabrics that I really liked.
I fell hard for a Waverly black, white and gold stripe. (Picture above is from the website, but it is much better in person) I love it so much thinking we will use on the dining room chairs too! Plus bonus, starting Sunday all Waverly home decor fabric is 60% off at Jo Ann's.

Well that was the plan until I saw this from Absolutely Beautiful Things. Bottom left corner just peeking out, do you see them?

Genius and of course, why did I not think of that before? I love that they don't match, and since the prints are both black and white the different patterns is not too over the top. So now I am torn between the stripes and finding mix matched black and white prints. I am still going to order the Surry Stripe for the dining room chairs, but might do some more searching in the Waverly black and white options to see what else I can get for the bar stools. See, I very easily get distracted with options.

Oh, more later on the other great Jo Ann fabrics I found. Good Job Jo Ann’s, next step is to stock some of these in stores so I don’t have to special order them all.


l.alden said...

I recently went to JoAnns and found a ton of great special order fabric as well. But the special order situation is a real problem! I want to start projects as soon as I get the inspiration and prefer not to have to wait around for the fabric to ship. I'm giving away a pair of Fivestripes candles onmy blog this weekend. I think they'd be a great addition to your dining room. Here's a link to the giveaway:

Rebecca said...

I'm not sure if you are near one, but have you checked out Calico Corners?

I love the idea of mixing prints!

harvey said...

Bar Stools