Sunday, May 25, 2008

Not White, Blue!

My neighbor across the street jokes that I am always painting something white in the driveway. Which is not always true. I like to use white primer instead of grey so it just looks like everything I paint is white. I made sure once I was done painting two of the bar stools yesterday I left them out to dry for a long time for him to see I do use color.

I think the bright robin's egg blue looks great! When I did the first spray it was a little bright, but I continued until they were painted before I decided. I LOVE them. They look great in the kitchen and really add some color. The only problem is the arms will be too high to fit under an island so I cannot use them up stairs. However we have a bar in the basement with a much higher counter that we can use them. I don't think Nick will mind that the pool table room as robin's egg blue bar stools. Very manly.


Rielah said...

The bar stools are lovely! I think you picked a great color to contrast the white walls in your kitchen.

i suwannee said...

they look awesome!