Monday, January 12, 2009

1035 Madison - J.Crew Collection Store

While checking the J.Crew website I noticed the section for The J.Crew Collection. I loved the font calling out the address of the new Madison Ave store, so I did a quick Google search to find images of the store. Below are a few samples I found below. The store is wonderful inspiration for how I would love to live. Mix of faded oriental rugs, modern light fixtures, abstract art and beautiful sorbet colored clothing - this is how I want our home to feel. At some point I need to plan a trip to visit this store, and the new men's store in Tribeca (for Nick of course). For now I will add these photos to my inspiration file and search for wonderfully worn and faded oriental rugs of my own.

Images from (1) Pipeline (2) GlamSpree (3) J.Crew

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