Saturday, January 24, 2009

Trial Rug - Love it!

After my disappointing weekend when I was not the winning bidder on the antique rug I had already decorated our whole den around, I have been fascinated with finding another one. Today Nick and I visited a local rug store that had clearance room. That is where we found the rug above. It is an antique that was so worn, they had to piece it back together. It is really hard to tell from this photo but there are patches throughout the rug and the ends do not match since they cut and paste one end back on.
I LOVE THE RUG. They let us take in home (no charge) and try it out in the space to see what we thought. Of course I thought it would be perfect in our dinning area, but am glad they let us take it home because it is too small or our table is too large. Either way it will not work and it must go back. The search continues now for a rug and I hope someone is able to give this rug a home. It is so wonderful!

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