Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free Day!!

I am so excited for today. I have the whole entire day to myself to do what ever I want since Nick is at on conference . I get to do all the stuff I want to do and have it all planned out (you can tell I am excited since I got up at 7:30 on a Sunday).

(1) Starbucks Iced Grande Decaf two pump no whip mocha (CHECK)
(2) Scrapbooking store to look for a butterfly punch to make this:
(3) Fabric store to purchase fabric for new den curtains
(4) Thrift Store to look for Vera Scarves (if my sister has not already visited and purchased)
(5) Rerarange some furniture. I am very clever at moving the heavy items around without picking anything up.
(6) Research some sewing projects with all the fabric I have been stock piling.
(7) Laundry, cleaning and some work (it is still Sunday after all)

Even if I get to do two items on my list I will content.


Ivy Lane said...

Have a GREAT day!

paula said...

love this idea. so clever and pretty.

l.alden said...

Where did you find the idea to make the butterfly art? Have you made it yet? I'd love to get instructions! Oh, and what size paper punch did you use? I've got a tiny little butterfly punch, but this looks a little larger. Oh, and loving the kitchen island!