Sunday, May 17, 2009

Late Night TV... Good Find.

With Sweet Baby James' late night feeding schedule, I have been able to catch some interesting TV shows and share 20/20 recaps to anyone that will listen. The one show I did find while playing with the DVR late at night was Sarah's House featuring Sarah Richardson and Tommy from Design Inc. Since I have seen every Design Inc and Room Service that Fine Living will air, I am very excited about a new design show that is not based on decorating a room with $1000 budget and has a "theme."

I have been watching the shows out of order, but each one showcases a different room of the renovation from demo to completed decorated room. Of course there have been two seasons already in Canada, and Sarah's Cabin is also show coming soon. The good news I think they have episodes online so if for any reason I cannot catch them all on FLN, I can at least watch online. Now when are they going to start bring over more episodes of House and Home?

HGTV CA Website -
Image From HGTV CA


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