Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Current Projects - Ebay Fabrics

A few weeks back I made some great fabric purchases on Ebay. Two of the fabrics I have a plan for (progress to come) the other will go into my pile of fabrics until I find the perfect project. Two of the fabrics I purchased are from SeaCloth. I have admired the fabrics since I saw an article in Elle Decor (June 2005) of Susan Harris's home (partner in SeaCloth). It is has been fun getting scrap yards of fabric on Ebay and finding uses for them around the house. One project is underway so I will share in the next week or so. I need to get another item upholstered so that will take a bit longer. In the mean time here are some samples of SeaCloth Fabrics from Susan's home (Images from Elle Decor).

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Linda/"Mom" said...

* I'm sorry~~~ I can't SEE the fabrics because I'm staring, w/ lust, at the ceiling in that second pic~~~ simply FABULOUS!!!

Linda in AZ *