Saturday, May 16, 2009

Libray of Domino Magazines

From my very first issue of Domino Magazine, I have been purchasing back issues when ever I saw one at a book sale or used book store. Plus there was a time where both my mom and I had a subscriptions. Over time I have been able to collect duplicates and sometimes triplicates of most issues. I think I might have four copies of the very first issue. (I also have two complete sets of Blueprint). Tonight for fun while doing some other Ebay searches, I looked up to see the price back issues of Domino Magazine were bringing. There is a copy of the first issue that is currently $46 with 16 bids and still more time to go. Yikes, at those prices I am sitting on $200 that could help me buy some Kelly Wearslter fabric. I wonder what an entire year of back issues would bring? Could be interesting, but I think I would rather keep my magazines.

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Pigtown-Design said...

I sold 4 issues of domino for $20 each. When i moved to the uk, i sold my issue no. 1 of martha stewart living for $250.