Tuesday, December 11, 2007

In search of the perfect sofa

I have been searching for a living room sofa for over four years. I know exactly what I want, but I cannot find it (in my price range) anywhere. I want a traditional and simple silhouette with slender arms, exposed feet and slipcovered in white duck. Are my requirements unreasonable? I can always find something on First Dibs, but the prices are way out of my range and the sofa is typically located in Bridge Hampton or Miami Beach. I keep checking auctions and consignment stores in hopes I can find a vintage sofa I can get recovered, but that will still be expensive after I purchase the fabric and have it recovered. I don’t just want to buy any sofa because I know I will be stuck with it for years, but why can I not find what I want?

Here is a selection of sofas I like, but these are still not perfect.

This would need a slipcover, but has great classic lines.

I love this sofa. LOVE. The grey linen is beautiful and I could have a white slipcover made a few years down the road. But at $19,100 it is completely outside of my price range.

This Drexel sofa meets all my requirements, but the slipcover. I could just order in another color and have slipcover made later or order it in white and use Scotch Guard as long as possible and then order a slipcover. I don’t know what to do.


Cote de Texas said...

my favorite is the second one - why don't you have one custom made? You could def. get one like it for around 2k I'm sure. Do you know any custom upholsterers in your town?

l.alden said...

Have you tried Wesley Hall or Pearson? You'll most likely have to go through a designer to get them, but the prices are reasonable and you can send in a COM (customer's own material) if any of their millions of fabrics don't fit the requirements.

IzzyLu said...

I never thought of having one made. I will check around the area to see if I can find a furniture maker. Also I have never heard of Wesley Hall or Person. There could be hope for me yet.