Friday, December 28, 2007

Projects for 2008 at No. 462

I am not normally a person that makes New Year’s resolutions. However a new year gives me a great chance to layout the plans for the house in 2008. Here is my list for projects in 2008:

1. Complete kitchen island and pantry.
2. Recover brown sofa and peach chairs in the kitchen.
3. Update window treatments for the entire house.
4. Find a paint color I like for more than a month for the guest bedroom.
5. Organize my office (mostly my magazines, tear sheets and stationary).
6. Update the fireplace.
7. Buy the new sofa for the den.
8. Finish small open projects (painting touch ups, baseboards, window treatments, etc).

I am already planning for 2009. That year will be for the big projects, bathroom remodels and refinishing of hardwood floors. I hope Nick is on board for this plan.


Mrs. Blandings said...

Oh, sakes, 462, I still have my list of as-yet-uncompleted from last year. Seems like it's time to get to work!

Things That Inspire said...

This is the kind of list that I love! I am going to make a similar list of projects. I am already tackling a HUGE one in early January - recarpeting the upstairs bedrooms (by necessity, not really desire).