Sunday, July 8, 2007

Weekend Project (week 1)

I have been working hard on getting my bamboo sideboard ready. Over the 4th and yesterday I sanded, patched and primed. Today I purchased the paint for the inside and outside. (The colors will be a surprise). I went to Sherwin Williams to have Martha Stewart colors mixed. I found that the Lowes’ Martha Stewart paint is not as good as the Sherwin Williams. Plus I loved her color mood paint chips at Sherwin. Nick is bringing home the paint sprayer so we can get a coat on the inside today. One more weekend and hopefully it will be complete and ready to move inside.

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Anonymous said...

I bought some of the Martha Stewart for Valspar paint at Lowe's and noticed an impressive difference between the Premium paint and their regular (premium being far superior.)

I was a strictly Benjamin Moore girl before, but I moved to a different town. So thank goodness for Martha's color selections at Lowes!