Sunday, July 22, 2007

Weekend Project: Sideboard Week 3

So here is the sideboard at weekend #3, and it is almost complete. I am not happy with the paint job because there was some oil residue that would not take the paint in some areas even after priming. Also the sprayer wasted too much paint so I used a brush on the doors, which I think was a mistake. I have a feeling that next summer I will be painting the outside again. I painted the outside a few shades darker than the wall color and painted the inside a pink to match the poster above. I still need to finish staging, but I think it works well in our den.
Here is the hardware I picked out from Restoration Hardware for the doors. They are on backorder until September, so I may go to the store and pick something else out since I am impatient to complete this project. Should I go with the glass balls or do nickel instead?

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kcdesign said...

ok, first off - it looks great from here - and the shade of pink is charming. I'd do the glass ball - I have them in my DR and they reflect the light so nicely without stopping the eye - and they are a nice "repeat" of the globe of the lamp. I can't tell if those are the ones on backorder or not.