Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Walls, shiny white

The walls are going to change from Edgecomb Gray to be... surprise Decorator's White. I know going white is not very daring, but the room always feels so dark I love how bright the kitchen feels white. My spin will be to paint it a satin or gloss to reflect more sunlight. I found this photo from House & Garden June 2004 (I miss this magazine so much). My scanner is not the greatest, but the clean white on the paneling makes it look more modern. Also I think it will give the rough wood mantel more salvage than lodge feel.

(Image from House & Garden, June 2004. Photographer Michael Mundy)

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christineannette said...

I agree. I painted (in my old house) the paneling in the kitchen from a dark wood to a nice cottage white. Although the room had few windows it lightened it up so much. Then I did the dining room the same. It changed the whole feel of the rooms. It felt cozy & cottage, yet clean & fresh.

Smiles, Christine