Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Ceiling - Make it white

So our den has dark rough wood beams that at first I thought added personality to the room. Now they just bother me. So the biggest undertaking in the Den redesign is to frame in the beams and paint them white. I wish I could just paint them, but they are a strange rough wood. Once they are all framed, we need to add new extra tall crown molding to make the room feel a little more interesting. Over all I am hoping the white walls, white ceiling and white beams will make the room feel taller and brighter.

I have been searching magazines to find inspiration for what the finished product could look like, but found that no magazine really features the ceiling of rooms.

Before (almost) - Dark like the designer's of Libertine's living room, only I have 8 foot ceilings.

After (almost) - the white ceiling makes everything blend in and makes the focus the room below.

(First Image, Domino September 2007. Photo by Paul Costello. Second photo, Domino November 2006. Photo by Paul Costello)

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