Sunday, June 22, 2008

Den Progress - The Ceiling

My dad was down this weekend and we started work on framing the beams in the den. So far we got one beam installed and almost finished the crown molding for the section. He will be back the 4th of July weekend so one more day and we will have it completed. Already with just the raw wood I think it is starting to look better.

The before beams - these are 2 inches narrower than the new beams and the new crown is 1.5 inches thicker.

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chriskauf said...

I hope you get back soon , I look forward to the ceilings, I added one to divide my kitchen and family room and for some ceiling intrest, I am not done yet, mine is white.
Love your blog , I look forward to keeping up on it, great curtains , that is not easy , beautiful, I love your style.