Monday, June 2, 2008

Part 1: Planning for the new arrival

So my sofa needs a new room to come home to, so I have started to plan the new look for the den. This is the very first room we decorated when we moved in and I took a lot of time planning the perfect color and everything I wanted to do to the room. After the walls were painted and a few other items were added, the room has fallen off the list of priorities to complete. First the before and current state photos, then I will start to share the plan.

Dark wood paneling with blue/green carpet, yuck. (I had to show this, it makes the current photos look much better).

Today it is a light beige color with the carpet removed to expose the hardwood floors that were covered. Surprise! I guess the bigger surprise is we lived with the carpeting for year before we discovered the hardwood. So bad. My dad made us the bookshelves and I love them, however I painted the inside a horrible green. The gold mirror is on indefinite loan from my mom. The other stuff needs to find a home, but I have not gotten around to finding a spot. The chairs are both Nick's which we will need to see how they play into the final design.

The most recent purchase for the room is the sideboard to hide all the TV compentents. I have no clue what to do with the top of it. I have tried different objects, but have not liked anything yet so it stays clean for now.

Here is the bar stand I painted last summer with my favorite poster. The hallway goes to the basement, garage and half bathroom. It will also be apart of the decorating plan.

I am not sharing a photo of the current couch and the windows. This weekend was catch up on laundry and the whole couch is covered in folded piles waiting to make it back to the closets. I will share later once they are all put away. I am really happy how the room photographs, but it really needs help. I should finish other projects first, but this is too exciting to wait.


LondonCalling said...

What a great after!

katiedid said...

Very exciting! Keep that Barcelona chair! And I love your bar cabinet. I look forward to seeing your progress. It is night and day between the wood paneling then and now. Bravo! :)

DESIGN DIG said...

Good job, looks so much better.