Sunday, June 13, 2010

My Ann Carrington Flag Progress

I have made a lot of progress on my Ann Carrington knock off British flag. Getting the measurements correct took some time, but sewing the red and blue sections went quickly. I used scrap red velvet from Jo Ann's bargain bin and I purchased three pairs of denim jeans from the thrift store for the blue. I ended up using the lightest wash and will return the other too via my goodwill donations. I am very proud of how it is looking so far. Now the long part comes of seeing on all the buttons. I will post again to show the progress on the buttons, but expect it to take a long time before finished.


La Maison Fou said...

I am a huge sixx design fan and your rendition of theAnn Carrington flag is awesome!
Can't wait to see the finished product!

Meghan said...

Amazing! I had been feeling inspired to try an American flag and somehow incorporating that possible? I adore your blog - a friend introduced me to it recently. I read through all your old posts - I adore your book reviews - perfect! I have the longest wishlist at Amazon, and have been meaning to get to a library to narrow down the list to all the ones that "i REALLY want!" Thanks for teaching me about half price books too - I am at my parent's house and there is one relatively close to them, so I trekked over there the other night and picked up a few fun books on clearance!

Thanks for the inspiration!!

Suzanne Cranston said...

looks great! can
t wait to see your finished flag! i'm researching ann carrington to use for a highschool art unit.. and i'm thinking of having my students make their own "flag" using denim.... love it!

Suzanne Cranston said...

Hello! love your flag! I look forward to seeing it after you've added the buttons too... I'm researching Ann Carington and planning an art unit for my high school class... I'd like my students to each design their own flag using denim, scraps and buttons. Awesome!

Suzanne Cranston said...

o.k. I spelled Ann Carrington's name wrong in that post. Whoops!

sewfarandaway said...

I just discovered your blog as I was doing a search for Ann Carrington to show a friend. I had also made a flag after watching the Novogratz episode, thought I'd share a photo with you. I love your interpretation and what you created.
I learned that it was actually pretty simple and makes such a great piece that we bring out every year.
Glad I found your blog too!