Friday, November 13, 2009

It's never too late to be who you might have been. - George Elliot

I forget what blog I read this quote, but I have it on a post-it note at my computer. It reminds me to not put off the house projects, chores or work for another day or time. One of those items I keep putting off is new blog posts. Since I work from home now, I am constantly thinking of different updates to the house (artwork, painting, rugs, reorganization, etc), but I need help making up my mind. I need comments!!!

Today is the day that I am back! No more putting off our projects status, ideas or questions to another time. To start, I am posting a progress report that has been a very long time coming, the renovation of our guest bathroom.

Here is the best before photo that I have –

Here is where we are today (thanks to a lot of work by Nick). My favorite part is the new vanity area since it includes some of the best deals from the remodel. Information about the deals I posted here back in January. I cannot believe we have been working on the bathroom for that long!

We painted the ceiling Ink and the walls Sail, which are both discontinued Martha Stewart colors from Sherwin Williams.

Nick is working to get the new tile in the shower grouted and sealed before we have someone refinish the tub to match the white of the tile. It is hard to see from my photos, but Nick even titled the ceiling.
We still have to get the new shower hardware hooked up, towel bars, shower curtain and artwork, but we are so close. We might make it under the 1 year mark.


LindsB said...

Whoa, I LOVE the new sink counter top- can you post more pics of that, it is to die for!! Also love the ceiling dark, very cool way to add color to the room without using it on the walls.

chair up said...

I have just found your blog via Cote de Texas.I wish my hubby was that handy, if he was, our 2 bathrooms would be finished by now,lol.
Looking forward to following you and seeing your progress :o)

l.alden said...

Oh my this bathroom is beautiful! I love the marble and subway tiles. Great Job!