Thursday, October 22, 2009

Who knew? - Sundance Catalog

I was looking for a christmas stocking for James online the other day and checked out the Sundance Catalog website. It has been a really long time since I have received a catalog so I had no idea all the great stuff they have! Here are some of the great items -

I think this cabinet would be great in our Bathroom (post-remodel). It would be perfect for towels and all my lotions and potions.

This is $58, and I think would be fun and unexpected art for the kitchen or hallway. Something funny about a Question mark.

Nick wants these chairs for our backyard. We got a great teak table at the Smith and Hawken closeout sale. These are still a little too pricey, but someday.

Ohh. And these boots are on sale for $149. I got them for much more at Zappos, but love them. They look great with jeans and are very comfortable.

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Marit said...

I was tempted by the Smith and Hawken clearance signs, but didn't go in. Did they have lots of good stuff?