Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thinking of the big picture.

Decorating my first house has been an amazing learning experience. I have made lots of mistakes and learned some valuable lessons (like periwinkle walls are too much in a bedroom and don’t listen to your husband when says he can install a hot water heater). I have also learned some good decorating principles and that I need to take my time and be thoughtful with each purchase.

Right now I am planning the accessories and soft furnishings for the dinning room/kitchen and have decided to start with the rug and use that to base everything else. I think I want to use blues and yellows so have been looking for a worn oriental rug that fits the bill. This rug was at a local auction over the weekend and would have been a good candidate, but was too small. I will need to keep my eyes open for the perfect item and resist all temptation to find curtain fabric or artwork.

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