Sunday, February 24, 2008

Needlepoint Pillows.

I don’t remember where my collection of needlepoint pillows started, but over the past year my collection has really expanded. I love the texture, vivid colors and sometimes strange subject of each pillow's design. My sister found the Alice in Wonderland rabbit pillow at a local thrift store and I have two marble pillows from Anthropologie. Jonathan Adler makes some great needlepoint pillows with Michael Jackson and Liza, but I prefer the vintage ebay and thrift store finds. Here are some great needlepoint items I found on ebay.


Ava said...

Neat turtle, I love odd little things like that. Especially when they are unique finds, and not from big name stores where you can assume there are a thousand others like it.

napaneedlepoint said...

You've found some absolutely wonderful vintage pillows there. Great stuff!

Janet M. Perry
Napa Needlepoint
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Axxx said...

I'm still on the look-out for more when I'm thrifting. I see alot with cheesy sayings on them, like "love makes a house a home" and crap like that. But I'm hoping to find you one with a cheeky saying, like "you can never be to rich or too thin."