Monday, February 11, 2008

The Finalists.

I have narrowed the couch options to three candidates. Phew. This has been a really hard search and I still have to have two more rounds of cuts. Picking a college was not as difficult as picking out a sofa. Please meet the finalists.

Finalist #1 - The Francis from Quatrine.
The Francis comes slip covered and is completely customizable. I can remove the buttons on the back and pillows and have one long seat cushion. Also, they will keep my measures on file so I can order more slipcovers when needed. Price is a little high and I would have to pick it up in Detroit.

Finalist #2 The London Sofa for Lillian August
This sofa was my very first love. The size and pillows are perfect. I like that the arms dip down slightly and the casters on the feet. The main problem is I don't love any of the Drexel fabric options. I took home three options over the weekend and found the gray velvet was the best option, but not sure if I want velvet on our everyday sofa.

Finalist #3, The Henry Sofa from Hamilton Furniture
I know, this sofa looks just like the London sofa and only I can see the difference. The feet are simple and Hamilton could have a gray that I really like. The negatives, we don't have a Hamilton showroom nearby and I still have not priced this one out yet. Could be priced out of the running.

The almost Finalist #4, The "S320" from George Smith
This sofa was the wild card. It has the exposed feet, but the low curved arms and nail detail was a surprise favorite even to me. Plus I love this color gray. This was going to be the winner until I realized the price was $10,000.


Mrs. Blandings said...

Be honest, this is more important than your college selection. Truly. Love two or three. You can't go wrong. Oddly, (ha) I like the five pillows better than six. You?

LondonCalling said...

Lillian August and the George Smith are my favs but 10,000 dollars is a deal breakers.

GiltTrip said...

I would choose the single seat cushion. The look seems to complement your previous choices in the home. Not to mention, it will be more comfortable if anyone ever needs to use it for sleeping. : )

alison said...

All four couches are beautiful, but I recommend you reconsider the high arms if this is your "everyday" sofa. Are you wanting to lounge on it? I feel claustrophobic trying to stretch out on my couch and I'm not terribly tall. The George Smith is close to what I'm considering to replace my current couch, but I shan't be paying $10,000.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Frankly, they are all wonderful choices.

Axxx said...

I like the first one the best and also the third one. The feet on the second one are weird. But the most important question is, which one will Izzy like??? I'm trying to picture each with a cat-sized depression in the cushion. This is your sister by the way, and I have no idea why my name is coming up like that.

Anonymous said...

I know you've already made your choice, but FYI to anyone looking at George Smith sofas: They have big sales 2x a year. The rub is, you have to choose from the inventory they have in NY or LA, but still. Last year I saw a sofa for 12k on sale for 4800. Pretty good sale!