Monday, March 26, 2007

Which Light?

We have a small hallway off our den that leads to the laundry room, basement and garage. It is a square with four doorways and very little wall space. Currently there is an ugly 1970’s ceiling light that I want to replace. I wanted to find something vintage, but don't want to deal with the rewiring. I have found some great options online without doing much searching. The only requirement is that the fixture has to be high so that it will not get hit by opening doors.

This Fabby light is my first choice. I have one in my bedroom at my parents home, but it is rather expensive and I would want to take it with us when we leave.

I would love to have the star fixture from Shades of Light, but I need to check to see if it is too low. If it does not fit it could be a good option for the entry hall.


Jen said...

Try this can filter by style, then by finish or price, which is nice.

Jen said...

Oh...then there's this site. They have nice reproduction lighting.