Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wall of Etsy

I wanted to do a wall of art for awhile, but have been afraid of not having the eye to pull it off correctly. I found these images from the Kate Spade website. The installation is from an Andy Spade exhibit about looking at books instead of reading them. The mix matched black frames filled with brightly colored books are exactly what I want my wall of art to emulate. I plan to build my collection solely with items from Etsy. I have found some amazing prints and letterpress items that I cannot wait to get framed. As the collection builds, I will share how the wall grows. Oh, I am going to do this in our bedroom. The grey walls and duvet cover need a lot of color to balance the grey tones.


style court said...

Great idea! Hope you go for it.

Vanessa said...

You should take a photo every time you add a picture and then you can animate it to do a timelapse type thing. We'll post it on the Etsy blog! I just made one for the renovations we did at the Etsy Labs and it was really fun....Vanessa (etsy admin)