Sunday, March 18, 2007

Martha Stewart at Lowe's

Martha Stewart’s new paint is at Lowe’s. The selection of colors is not as extensive as her line at Sherwin Williams, but all the color chips offer two complementary colors which is really nice. If you need any of her old colors from Sherwin Williams, just ask the sales rep and they still can make all her shades. We had a shock last week when we went to pick a color for our bedroom and found her whole display removed at SW. Luckily they kept one swatch of each color so we were able to get a Martha approved wall color.


Jen said...

Too funny--while at Lowe's this weekend, I picked up a MS paint booklet for you. I should have known I couldn't scoop you!

Anonymous said...

I just got Martha's Gray....Bedford Gray that her house is painted. I have a piece of her Signature furniture that is Mourning Dove Gray and so I decided to see if I liked the Bedford Gray. It's more gray than the Magazine shows her house looking. It shows it as a beigy gray, which in reality is more like the mourning dove. The Bedford is a really nice soft Dove Gray color. She has a French Ivory that's nice, as well as a nice off-white that's called White Corn. There is a great matte black called French Bulldog Black.

This paint covers very well in 2 coats.