Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Livable Kids Space

So as we are making a baby safe play space, I have been looking really hard for some inspiration. Since our living room is right when you come in the front door I don't want for it to scream plastic toys, but I still want for it to be an area that if we make a mess playing it is ok. I have been collecting images for a while that will work for either the future basement play room or now. We have not made too many choices, but know that the room will go back to being a universal room so don't wan to make any structural changes.

I love the chalkboard walls. I think for now will be a bit of a stretch, but I am thinking of find an old school house chalk board to use. Could be a cool art display. Also we have a similar rug that I was thinking of moving into the guest bedroom, but might work well in this room.

I love this room. The white walls, fun play poofs in bright colors and open space to play what ever. I wish we could paint the walls white, but I think I am at my limit with Nick and white walls.

I love the bookcases in this room. I wish we could do something similar, but I think it will be too permanent for a room that is only temporarily baby proof. I have found an interesting solution to book storage that I will share later. I am still trying to find more storage solutions for toys overall, but we have a few that will work for now.


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

All of the rooms you choose are wonderful. I love the chalkboard wall room. I guess it helps that they probably had a professional artist come in and make it look fun and perfect! I really like your blog!

CRICKET said...

We have a rattan trunk in our living room that has been wonderful to throw toys in. For the last 4+ years we have had our glass and metal coffee table in storage and replaced it with a pottery barn kids table and chairs. It has been a great thing and even grown ups tend to sit in the chairs!

Valerie said...

Anything new you've been working on the house? Just checking. :)

Lauren @ with two cats said...

Great choices! Where is the room with the bookcases from?