Monday, March 3, 2008

The Look for Less - Z Gallery

In my previous job I learned about retail patterning and saw how sometimes it can borderline the rules of copying. Not sure how I feel about Z Gallery’s recent patterning, some items are a little too close to the originals. I find myself tempted to purchase the cheaper Cellula Chandelier, but when I see the pillow that matched Kelly Wearstler's Imperial Trellis I am thinking twice about buying the “look for less.” What do you think?

(all images from ZGallery)


Anonymous said...
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LondonCalling said...

On principle- no. But in reality-I think it depends on a few factors.

Jennifer in ATL said...

I bought two of the Z Gallerie pillows to see how they would look on my couch because I'm wanting the REAL thing. I didn't care for the fabric. I don't think the colors are as vibrant.

In my opinion, though, anything goes. $40/pillow beats $400.

oh that's just PEACHY! said...

For me, it's similar to buying clothing inspired by the runway (hello, ruffled collars and cascades were EVERYWHERE this year)

I can't afford $400 pillows, and appreciate the alternative option (while maybe not as vibrant and beautiful, a great pillow nonetheless).

P.s. LOVE THE BLOG! I just found you, and I'm thrilled!