Sunday, October 28, 2007

Renovation: The Kitchen

The renovation on our kitchen started about two years ago when on Christmas day my father and I removed wallpaper. Since then we have made some major changes with Thanksgiving as the project’s deadline. For the most part we have accomplished all the work with help from family members and the very limited use of professionals. I am so proud of all the changes we have made and finally I have time to post on the renovation. Most of the demo work is done, now it is putting everything back together and having it look like a room again. Expect a lot more posts as Thanksgiving gets closer.

Before: Kitchen. It screamed 1970’s ranch.

Before: Dinning Room/Sun Porch. Next to the kitchen was a small dinning room and a enclosed porch.

Mid-progress: We installed French doors and raised the floor in the sun porch.

Mid-progress: No more walls!!

Mid-progress: Starting to look like a room again.

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